Biometic variotis iaxsys
Tissue Engineering Platforms​​

Biometic was established in 2008 by engineers working in collaboration with clinicians, researchers and the medical device industry. The goal for Biometic was to develop platform solutions that have potential to repair, regenerate and replicate healthy in-vivo conditions. Agile systems to manufacture biocompatible and terminally sterile bioactive glasses, bioactive glass composites and tissue scaffolds were developed following ISO standards. Evidence that the variotisTM bioactive glass composite scaffold supports soft tissue integration with comprehensive neovascularization within 10 days invivo was first obtained in 2009. Biometic's versatile bioreactor platform IAXSYSTM was successfully utilized with pluripotent stem cells for novel mechanobiology work in 2011. Our novel 6 x 2-axis bioreactor system was successfully used for prosthodontic research in 2012. Systems from Biometic have since been employed world-wide across a range of cell and tissue models, cancer models, in-situ spine model studies, and with advanced bioreactor models including for lung. If you have a research or development need, please get in contact, we would be glad to assist you.